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Dr. Cammisa instructs chiropractors at his worldwide training facility in Woodridge, IL.

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Ultimate ChiroCare is one of the premier practices in the country, specializing in long term relief for chronic conditions, as well as immediate relief for patients experiencing a sudden onset of pain.



Dr. Perry Cammisa is the owner of Ultimate ChiroCare and has instructed physicians from around the world on his ground breaking techniques.

Many Symptoms are Often Misdiagnosed

There are many reasons individuals seek out a chiropractor.Ai?? Low back pain and neck or shoulder pain are the most common ailments associated with chiropractic care.Ai?? However, many people are surprised after receiving treatment that other pain, such as hip pain or joint pain, is positively affected as well.


Carpel Tunnel Syndrome symptoms are very similar to herniated disc symptoms. Carpel Tunnel is often misdiagnosed and leads to unnecessary surgery.

For instance, carpel tunnel syndrome is frequently misdiagnosed, and often leads to unnecessary surgery.Ai?? The symptoms associated with carpel tunnel (numbness in the hand) are often identical to symptoms of a herniated disc.

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Studies has also shown a correlation between Acid Reflux Disease and the shape of your spine.


Chiropractic care, which is a non-invasive treatment, should always be your first course of treatment, especially prior to considering surgery as an option.