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BStrong4Life is a physical therapy and body strengthening system that was developed to treat people in a clinical setting.

The system uses various exercises on state-of-the-art equipment to address a number of conditions, such as joint pain, low back pain, sports conditioning, injury rehabilitation and osteoporosis.

BStrong4Life® is a clinically supervised, proprietary system using advanced, non-invasive protocols that combine isometric, concentric and eccentric exercises to provide strength, balance and bone health.

New technologies, initially developed for the high-performance athletes, have created the ability to perform very high intensity exercises that can achieve superior results, in as little as one 15 minute session, once a week.

BStrong4Life® Benefits

✓ Increase bone mineral density
✓ Positively affects degenerative discs
✓ Better balance to prevent falls
✓ Faster recovery following surgery
✓ Excellent at reducing chronic low back pain
✓ Reduced joint pain
✓ Improved function of day to day activities
✓ Sports conditioning and training

This Physician-Supervised Program Has Extraordinary Health Benefits  

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