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Chiropractic Physical Therapy

Woodridge Chiropractic Office Offers a Wide Range of Physical Therapy

Chiropractic care, combined with physical therapy is required to return you to a pain free, active lifestyle. Our physical therapy programs use customized exercises on the most advanced equipment available.

In addition to traditional therapy, such as massage therapy and decompression therapy, we modify the protocols and equipment used in our BStrong4Life System to treat chronic pain cases, degenerative discs, symptoms of disease such as Multiple Sclerosis or Parkinsons and injury rehabilitation.

We have a higher success rate – particularly with unique cases and chronic pain cases, than tradition physical therapy, medication and even surgery.

Are You Like a Crooked Fence Post?


Bad posture is like a leaning fence post. If not corrected it will cause damage everywhere.

Whether you’re seeking chiropractic care for the first time or you’ve already received chiropractic care, one thing is certain – Chiropractic care is most effective when combined with physical therapy.

We like to use a crooked fence post analogy. Chiropractic methods can straighten the “post”. But if you don’t strengthen the base of the post, it falls right back over. Physical therapy can strengthen the base of the post, but if you don’t straighten the post, all you have is a strong crooked post.

Our physical therapy is designed to strengthen the muscles that support the spine, so that you are “straight”, with a solid base.


Jim – A Case Study of Chronic Back Pain


Jim’s “before” picture, courtesy of his wife Anne.

Jim was always an active guy. Click to hear Jim tell his story A severe case of sciatica (pain caused by general compression or irritation of a spinal nerve) made him wheelchair bound. He had an MRI and sought multiple treatments to no avail before finding Ultimate ChiroCare. He couldn’t move without assistance and had to sleep on the floor because of the chronic pain. His son, an M.D., was shocked to see how his dad had deteriorated. After some investigation he called his dad and said, “Dad, call this guy. He’s close to you and I think he can help.”


Jim receiving treatment for sciatica


When Jim came as a new patient on May 20, 2013 his wife had to wheel him into the office. Jim had already tried pain injections and traditional therapy to no avail. After Dr. Cammisa assessed Jim’s condition and found out why he was in a wheelchair, he thought he would be able help. In three (3) short weeks Jim was using a walker. Shortly thereafter, Jim was walking unassisted and driving again. In ten (10) short weeks, Jim was on the golf course.


While most cases of sciatica are not as severe as Jim’s, it is still a painful condition that can continually flair up if not properly treated.

physical therapy for sciatica using eccentric exercises on reACT

Ultimate ChiroCare’s physical therapy program, combined with chiropractic care, got Jim from a wheelchair to a golf course in less than 6 months.





Look under Services for more detailed information on our unique physical therapy equipment,such as Power Plate Whole Body VibrationbioDensity and reACT – Eccentric Training.