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Side Effects of Osteoporosis Drugs

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All Medication has Side Effects We’ve all heard the commercials. Pretty people, smiling and much better off for the drug they’re advertising. However most of the information is about the drug’s side effects. Apparently we humans focus more on the visual.   We recommend building new bone tissue naturally using our Strong4Life System. It has been proven effective, using a series of protocols, to generate new bone growth. Osteoporosis is a serious condition that affects the lives of millions – So much so that...

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Jerry Rice and Chiropractic Care for Atheletes

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Are you an athlete and considering Chiropractic care? NFL Hall of Famer Jerry Rice is so passionate about the benefits of chiropractic care that he served as the keynote speaker at the annual homecoming of Palmer College of Chiropractic, West Campus in San Jose, Calif., on May 3, 2014. Rice, who is a spokesperson for the Foundation for Chiropractic Progress (F4CP), spoke to attendees about his chiropractic experience. Referred to as the greatest player of all time, Rice credits good health and safety practices for the success and longevity of...

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Posture Exercises for “Humpback” or Kyphosis

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Many people develop a “humpback” as they age – often starting in their 30’s, 40’s. or 50’s. For some there may be a genetic component, however it is primarily a weakening of the muscles that support the spine which leads to kyphosis.   The first clues are often small.Ai?? Your shoulder bag slides off more easily and your fitted cloths don’t feel right, as they’re not designed for rounded shoulders.   “Humpback” decreases lung capacity and, believe it or not, increases...

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