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Jeff ‘s 68 Pound Weight Loss Pictures!

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Losing weight first and foremost takes the right mind-set and the right attitude. But how do you keep the right attitude? Well losing fat, not muscle, and losing fat fast seems to be the easiest way to stay motivated. Our ChiroThin Weight Loss System helps you do just that! We’re here to help you get the results you want when you’re ready. Give us a call at 630-778-9000 for a personal weight loss consultation.   Update News – Jeff started another round of ChiroThin since his testimonial and now he’s down a total...

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DEXA Scan (Bone Density Test) Frequently Asked Questions – Naperville, IL

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The “gold standard” of bone mineral density testing is call a DEXA scan.Ai?? It is encouraged for most people age 50 and above.Ai?? If there is a family history of osteoporosis or an individual has health issues that would speed up bone loss, such as chemotherapy, a test should be taken at a younger age.Ai??Ai?? The test is often covered by your health insurance plan and is extremely easy to take.Ai?? No needles, no undressing (as long as you don’t wear any metal) and a machines just passes over your body using a low-dose...

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Back Pain Treatment

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Chronic Low Back Pain is Disturbingly on the Rise. Our chiropractic office sees new patients daily looking for back pain treatment. Ai??Well of course! Ai??After all, we are chiropractors. However the disturbing part is that many of these patients have already received pain injections, taken prescription medication or even had a spinal cord stimulator surgically implanted – all to no avail. Ai??Unfortunately most primary care physicians are at a loss when it comes to back pain and what to do with these patients. There are roughly 116...

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