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Use Your Muscles!

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Use Your Muscles!

I came across an article on’s blog and immediately recognized the relevance for my patients. The article focused on a research study about the effect of exercise on muscle tissue in recreational Master’s Athletes; a competition class for men and women aged 35 years and older. The photo on the right is an MRI cross section of the thigh of several individuals. As you can see from the photo the effect of exercise on the aging body is very significant. The sedentary or inactive individual has a lot less muscle...

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Posture Reflects Performance

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Do you know why after after a long day of sitting your body feels tired and stiff even though you really haven’t done all that much? It is because sitting down for an extended period of time with poor posture inactivates certain muscles in your body and causes others to become overworked in order to hold your body upright. So as you sit at your desk for hours at a time, working at your computer, you are inactivating your Gluteal muscles (butt), core and deep neck flexors. The aftermath of this situation 8+ hours a day, 5+ days a week,...

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How Does PowerPlate Whole Body Vibration work?

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Acceleration Training(TM) with PowerPlate machines creates instability in the human body. With each vibration the body is forced to perform reflexive stabilizing muscle contractions, multiple times per second. Furthermore, these contractions must work in all three dimensions as the PowerPlate mimics how the human body is designed to move as you go about everyday life. The net result is a large improvement in power output created by the body. The principle by which PowePlate machines work lies in the law of motion, stated by Sir Isaac...

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