Back Pain Causes and Treatment

Back pain causes and treatment vary widely. Causes and treatment options can never be put into simple categories. Back pain causes involve a multitude of problems, from weak, tight and unstable muscles, degenerative structural changes, poor posture, unstable feet, etc the list is sometimes endless.
Herniated Disc Treatment
If you are experiencing sudden onset back pain, but you can trace it to a single incident, such as a sports injury, then the pain will generally subside in a short period of time. That is not the case for many individuals. Many people suffer from chronic back pain. One in five people suffer from chronic back pain. To put this in perspective, the average primary care physician sees approximately 20 patients per day; of those, 4 are chronic back pain patients. Unfortunately, most primary care physicians are at a loss when it comes to back pain causes and treatment. Back pain can be debilitating to live with, making basic functions of daily living a challenge.

The good new is that most back pain is non-surgical and can be managed or eliminated with effective chiropractic care, combined with physical therapy. All options should be exhausted before patients consider invasive treatments, especially in younger individuals.

Symptoms Indicating Chiropractic Care

Chronic back pain may have many causes, but many cases of back pain are based on abnormal spinal alignment and movement and the degeneration of the muscles that support your spine. State-of-the-art physical therapy equipment, regenerative medicine injections and advanced chiropractic care can naturally return you to a pain free lifestyle.
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