Osteoporosis Treatment

Natural Treatment For Osteoporosis Without Drugs

The BStrong4Life System, a doctor-supervised natural osteoporosis treatment, is designed to increase bone density, and improve bone quality with minimal risk.  BStrong4Life is a physical therapy, body and bone strengthening system that was developed to treat people in a clinical setting.

The system uses state-of-the-art equipment that is effective at naturally increasing bone density.

These new technologies have created the ability to perform very high intensity exercises, that can achieve superior results in as little as one 20-minute session, once a week. Data and measured results are collected from each session. 

Osteoporosis, (or decreased bone mass and poor bone quality), is a serious health concern that affects both men and women.The optimal time your body builds bone density is in your late teens to late twenties.  But lifestyles have changed, and younger people statistically have less high impact exercise, (which builds bone density), than previous generations.  This leads to concerns of people having osteoporosis at younger ages, and in higher numbers than ever before.By the time most people are concerned about increasing bone density, they are either at risk of developing osteoporosis, or have already been diagnosed with this condition.

Osteoporosis related fractures not only affect your life but often lead to premature death.

Close to 50 million Americans have been diagnosed with osteoporosis or osteopenia, and numbers continue to rise.

BStrong4Life Benefits

Our Natural Osteoporosis Treatment is Doctor Supervised

Our doctors have spent years studying and working with the spine. We have carefully developed safe protocols, and carefully monitor progress.

We are knowledgeable professionals who work hard to minimize any risk of injury and maximize your potential to build stronger and healthier bones.

Better Safe than Sorry

For our osteoporosis treatment to provide the maximum benefit to “at risk” individuals, we require an initial assessment using full spine x-rays, a computerized postural analysis and medical history to customize the program to the individual.

Some people may need modified positioning or a modified program, depending on their condition when starting the program.

 There is no equivalent to the BStrong4Life System

The equipment we use simulates a weight bearing environment equivalent to 10 times your body weight. Your bones naturally respond by increasing their density.

You are closely monitored to minimize injury, and we use tested and proven-effective protocols that can actually increase bone density and reverse bone loss.

It’s an amazing, life changing system that you do only once a week, for minutes, in street clothes!

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