Back Pain Treatment

My Back Pain Treatment Success Story

Whole body vibration is the best equipment available to strengthen the muscles surrounding the spine and joints in a safe, fast and “feels great” manner. Are you in pain? Call (630) 778-9000 for a personalized consultation. We can help!

My introduction to whole body vibration came as a result of a critical personal need. I lived in constant fear that any little thing I did could potentially put me flat on the floor. In fact, this was happening at an alarming frequency. I was suffering, and my practice was too. I knew that surgery or injections were not an option for me if I wanted to live an active functional life.

Starting in 2006, I began researching every new procedure or treatment option available. I kept coming back to whole body vibration.  If what the growing number of research articles said about it’s benefits were accurate, there was a chance this technology would help my condition.  But when I was searching for protocols on how to use this equipment for low back pain, I was coming up empty. The fact was nobody at the time really knew how to apply whole body vibration in a clinical setting, let alone address low back pain due to herniated discs.

Physical Therapy Using Whole Body Vibration

Over the years, and thanks to the cooperation, and conditions of thousands of patients, we a thorough understanding of how whole body vibration should be applied to various clinical conditions. This advanced technology is extremely effective at accelerating healing in a fraction of the time normally required.
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