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The health of your back is a huge concern when it comes to the long term health of an individual. Dr. Perry Cammisa started his career as a chiropractor in Naperville in 1991. He realized, shortly into his career, that chiropractic care alone was not sufficient for long term pain relief. In order to get different and better results, he would have to think outside the box. If you’re looking for a chiropractor in Naperville, call us today for a consultation (630) 778-9000.

Low Back Pain is a Complex Condition That Requires an Experienced Chiropractor in Naperville

“Thinking outside the box” has lead to Dr. Cammisa developing and patenting several pieces of equipment which accelerate healing and provide long term relief for patients. He has instructed Chiropractors from around the world on his ground breaking techniques and protocols.

Dr. Cammisa’s extensive training and expertise in understanding the critical relationship between the nervous system and human biomechanics and posture is the basis for his approach Structural problems require a structural solution.

His ability to pinpoint and correct postural problems has led him to become a sought-after specialist in whiplash and sports injuries.

“Each person has a unique set of circumstances that affect and trigger pain. A chiropractor has to have the tools, technology and experience to effectively develop a treatment plan for each individual.”

Using advanced rehabilitation equipment such as Power Plate machines and bioDensity machines, Dr. Perry Cammisa, chiropractor and advanced bio-mechanics specialist, provides his patients innovative ways to increase flexibility, bone density and strength. This specialized equipment helps improve the mobility of the back, shoulders, hips, knees and more.

Dr. Cammisa is the developer and founder of Ultimate Vibration Therapy, a new revolutionary clinical application system involving precise postural movements using Power Plate Whole Body Vibration, which produces dramatic results. Dr. Cammisa is the National Medical Advisor for Power Plate U.S.A.

Recently, he was a keynote speaker at a national chiropractic conference presenting his technique to other physicians. Professionals from as far away as Japan have sought Dr. Cammisa’s expertise.
Ultimate ChiroCare is the first medical facility in North America to introduce BStrong4Life, a revolutionary new technology that increases strength and bone density, treating osteoporosis & osteopenia. Read our Chiropractor Naperville reviews today. Call us for a specialized consultation at (630) 778-9000. We also cover Hinsdale, and Woodridge. 

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