Chronic Pain Management

Chronic Pain in the Neck, Shoulder, Back and Leg

Chronic pain management comes in various forms, most commonly, oral, topical or injectable medications. When these methods fail or the patient chooses not to use medications, chronic pain management choices become limited.

Chiropractic care can be extremely effective for chronic pain management, however much more is often needed for long-term pain relief. Understanding the causes of constant pain, and all treatment plans available, is the key to making the right decision for yourself.

While there is never one answer to why you’re in pain, constant pain in the neck, shoulders, back or legs often stems from problems in the spine. Your spine is composed of bones and discs surrounded by muscle tissue. Discs are the sponge-like tissue that separates the bone. The disc is what allows you to be flexible and move.

Neck and shoulder pain often stems from improper curvature of the neck or degenerative discs in the neck.

Constant Pain Comes From The Triple:

1) Alignment

2) Accident

3) Atrophy

Chronic pain often stems from problems in the spine

Alignment means that your spine is not in an ideal position. This could be from birth, or just something that happens over time. Scoliosis is an obvious example of a spine not in an ideal position. However age and activity are the most prevalent reasons for “mis-alignment”.

Accident means just that. Somewhere along the way you have had a hit, fall or other type of accident that affected your spine. An example would be a herniated disc or a bone fracture as a result of the accident.

Atrophy means that the muscles that support the spine are not strong enough to keep the bone from putting pressure on the discs or surrounding nerve tissue.

Chiropractic Care, Combined with BStrong4life, Tackles the “Triple”

BStrong4Life is a highly advanced physical therapy and functional rehabilitation system that is optimally effective when combined with chiropractic care.

By targeting specific muscle groups, the system reduces and/or eliminates chronic neck, shoulder, back and leg pain. The BStrong4Life System, can also naturally increase bone density by strengthening the muscle tissue surrounding the bone.The muscle tissue then naturally puts pressure on the bone, thereby stimulating the bone tissue to grow.

Using state-of-the-art equipment and time tested procedures we can eliminate or reduce pain, increase bone density and return the patient to an active lifestyle. 

Maximum skeletal load using bioDensity.

This system is often more effective than surgery, pain injections, traditional physical therapy and even medication.

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