Increase Bone Density With Exercise

Aging Feels Like a Catch 22, Doesn’t it?

If you understand that phrase, you’re sure to know what we mean.You need to do more to stay healthy but then you have to be very cautious about what you do to prevent injury. How do you get the benefits without the risk?

The BStrong4Life System, which uses highly sophisticated equipment to increase your bone density with exercise, minimizes your risk and effectively can increase bone density. Because the system has been developed and tried on thousands of people by specially trained physicians, we make sure you receive the maximum benefit possible and incur minimal risk of injury. Your condition is monitored and every effort is made to insure you receive all the benefits of this amazing system. Please visit our BStrong4Life website for more detailed information or call today, 630-778-9000 to discuss your healthcare needs.

You Can Increase Bone Density Naturally With Specialized Exercise

Most exercises that are weight bearing have the ability to increase bone density, or at the very least, slow down bone loss.How effective an exercise is depends on many factors, the most significant of which is your age.Your general health, diet and types of medications you take are also contributing factors.
Click here to hear how Sue increased her bone density as documented by “pre” and “post” DEXA Scan results.

Which of these exercises are effective at increasing bone density?

BStrong4Life can increase bone density with exercise and without drugs.
  1. Using maximum load, weight-bearing exercise to increase bone density.
  2. Walking with a weight vest to increase bone density.
  3. Using weights or weight machines at the gym to increase bone density.
  4. Weight-bearing exercise, such as running, to increase bone density.

Whatever you answered, it is correct at a certain age in life. What do we mean?

I think everyone realizes that as you age your body needs more effort and commitment to stay functioning at a high level. Your maximum bone building years are your late teens to your late 20’s. Keeping that in mind, the older you get the less effective traditional weight bearing exercise is on increasing your bone density. In addition, most people begin having joint issues or back pain issues which makes lifting heavy weights more dangerous than losing bone density.
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