Low Back Pain Treatment

Non-invasive Low Back Pain Treatments Should be the First Course of Action

Low back pain treatments varies widely because causes of low back pain are complex. There are roughly 116 million patients with (click for more information) chronic low back pain in the United States according to recent studies. Approximately one in five patients that sees a primary care physician has a complaint of chronic pain. To put this in perspective, the average primary care physician sees approximately 20 patients per day; of those, 4 are chronic low back pain patients.

Power Plate Works by Increasing the Number of Muscle Contractions per Second

Low Back Pain Treatment using Power Plate Vibration Therapy

Unfortunately most primary care physicians are at a loss when it comes to back pain and what to do with these patients. Patients are often referred to other physicians who specialize in low back pain treatment. For non-surgical patients, epidural steroid pain injections are often used for short term pain relief; but the effects are temporary and are limited in usage. The temporary relief can, however, be effective when combined with chiropractic treatments and physical therapy treatments provided by specialized chiropractors. Our low back pain treatment combines several pieces of physical therapy equipment. Our methods have proven to be extremely effective at relieving low back pain even after other courses of treatment have failed. Using a combination of gentle chiropractic care, spinal traction and remodeling, spinal disc decompression therapy and whole body vibration, we have a higher success rate than medication, traditional physical therapy and even surgery.
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