Posture Exercises for “Humpback” or Kyphosis

Kyphosis or “Humpback” spine.

Many people develop a “humpback” as they age – often starting in their 30’s, 40’s. or 50’s. For some there may be a genetic component, however it is primarily a weakening of the muscles that support the spine which leads to kyphosis.

The first clues are often small.Your shoulder bag slides off more easily and your fitted cloths don’t feel right, as they’re not designed for rounded shoulders.

“Humpback” decreases lung capacity and, believe it or not, increases constipation. Your chest volume decreases as your back hunches forward. Your lungs start to fight for space with your other internal organs. Your breathing, digestion and kidney functions deteriorate. You just start feeling old.

“Humpback” or Kyphosis makes you old before your time, but it doesn’t have to happen. You can take action to prevent it. If you start early enough, weight bearing exercise and maintaining a habit of activating your stomach muscles whenever you are moving, may be sufficient. However for most people, a very targeted approach of exercise is necessary.

The BStrong4Life Strengthening System targets the specific muscles that support the spine and is extremely effective at returning an individual to a “normal spine”. Using full spine x-rays which have a computerized digital drawing of your spine compared to normal, we can monitor your progress. Without the technology used in our strengthening equipment, it is extremely difficult, if not impossible, to improve the alignment of your spine without the BStrong4Life System. This system has only recently become available and can truly change the aging process with no medication and, no side-effects.

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