Posture Reflects Performance

Do you know why after after a long day of sitting your body feels tired and stiff even though you really haven’t done all that much?

It is because sitting down for an extended period of time with poor posture inactivates certain muscles in your body and causes others to become overworked in order to hold your body upright. So as you sit at your desk for hours at a time, working at your computer, you are inactivating your Gluteal muscles (butt), core and deep neck flexors.

The aftermath of this situation 8+ hours a day, 5+ days a week, 52 weeks a year is overworked and tight muscles which can become pain generators  next time you are wondering why is my neck tight? Or why does my low back hurt? Think about how you have been sitting for the past few hours and you may just notice a straight neck, slumped shoulders, a rounded upper back and a flat lower back.

The solution is easy and can help you stay pain-free throughout the day so you may become more productive.

  1. Head back and in line with the shoulders.
  2. Upper back straight and low back supported with a lumbar support.
  3. Eyes level with top of monitor.
  4. Hands and wrists relaxed and in a neutral position.
  5. Shoulders back and relaxed and elbows resting at the side.
  6. Thighs and forearms parallel to the floor.
  7. Feet resting on the floor.
  8. Monitor at a distance where you do not have to strain to see (18-30 inches).
  9. Take regular breaks when sitting for prolonged periods of time.
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