Regenerative Medicine

Repair, Rebuild, Re-Balance

Regenerative medicine is a treatment option that aims to treat the root cause of pain by enabling the body to health itself using your own cells.
Ultimate ChiroCare, in association with Ultimate Medical Group, offers these regenerative medicine options to help heal injuries of the spine, joints, ligaments and tendons.

These are non-invasive therapies that use the body’s own healing ability to repair damage.

If patients are considering regenerative medicine therapies, they need to do their research.

Another factor to consider is the physician.  An experienced doctor knows how to locate the exact area of injury and place the cells exactly where they need to be to optimize the healing ability of the cells.  This should all be done with live visual guidance.  No two anatomies are the same.

To get the largest volume of live cells, the processing method needs to be a consideration.  An on-site closed system lab, using the latest technology, ensures you are getting the numbers necessary for optimal healing.

Clinics who skip steps in processing to economize, or because their facility is ill-equipped, provide patients an inferior product.

Post treatment physical therapy assists the healing process.  A physical therapist, experienced with patients who have had regenerative medicine therapies, has a better outcome and is vested in your success.

We encourage you to schedule a consultation is you are considering regenerative medicine non-invasive therapies.

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