Stem Cell & Prolotherapy Services Chicago

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We’re excited to announce Ultimate Medical Group, a multi-disciplinary practice, is now offering new services such as stem cell therapy, PRP therapy and prolotherapy. Unlike any other medical facility, Ultimate Medical Group provides complementary medical disciplines in one location who work as a team to resolve your healthcare issues.

Our staff consists of medical doctors, chiropractors and physical therapists, who collaborate on a treatment plan specific to your needs. We focus on using your body’s natural healing power, facilitated by minimally invasive treatments and proven cutting-edge therapies, to return you to “Peak Performance”. Your body does not function in a vacuum and most often your pain has many contributing factors. Using various diagnostic tests and years of knowledge accessing patient conditions, we search for the underlying cause(s) of pain, in order to develop a treatment plan specific to your needs. Patients come to our facility for a variety of different reasons and conditions. Many are looking for non-invasive, alternative care to help ease their pain or discomfort. Our newest services are non-surgical treatments for joints, tendons and ligament problems. For more information about these treatment options, click on the links or call our office at 630-778-9000.

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