What’s the Upside of Aging?

Can someone please tell me the upside of aging? As the typical individual ages they become more sedentary, less energetic and increasingly plagued by health issues. These are supposed to be the years of your life that you are able to enjoy after working your entire career in your chosen profession. Unfortunately, most of the problems that arise as you age stem from decreased activity levels. The nature of your body is that joints stiffen, arthritis develops and muscles become weak when you don’t use them.

Why muscles wither with age is captivating a growing number of scientists, drug and food companies, let alone aging baby boomers who, despite having spent years sweating in the gym, are confronting the body’s natural loss of muscle tone over time.

With interest high among the aging population, the market potential for maintaining and rebuilding muscle mass seems boundless. Drug companies already are trying to develop drugs that can build muscle mass or forestall their weakening without the notoriety of anabolic steroids. Food giants like Nestle and Danone are exploring nutritional products with the same objective.

In addition, geriatric specialists, in particular, are now trying to establish the age-related loss of muscles as a medical condition under the name sarcopenia, from the Greek word for loss of flesh. Simply put, sarcopenia is to muscle what osteoporosis is to bone.” – Andrew Pollack – New York Times

The solution is the BStrong4life system.

Physicians, academics and scientists are conducting worldwide symposiums on sarcopenia and how to define it clinically. Why are they spending all this effort to define sarcopenia? All these meetings receive financial support from food and drug companies who have a stake in their products becoming more necessary. Without a definition, these companies won’t receive compensation from insurance companies and that hurts business. Clearly there is a financial incentive to clearly define muscle loss, or sarcopenia.

And yet experts and current research says the best approach to restoring or maintaining muscle mass and strength is exercise, particularly resistance training.

The BStrong4life System engages hard to reach muscle tissue by simulating maximum load on the muscle tissue with minimal risk to joints. Patients are able to track their progress week to week with detailed “strength” reports. As an added benefit strengthening the muscles that surround the bone stimulates the bone to grow as well. When these muscles are strong you’re better able to support your entire structure and relieve pressure from degenerative discs as well.

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