Deer Antlers and Osteoporosis?

An interesting fact you might not be aware of is that every year deer grow a new set of antlers. To regrow such a large set of antlers every year requires a lot of tissue growth and remodeling by the deer, and that requires specific dietary nutrients.

In 2005, there was a large increase in antler breakages throughout Spain and new research into this phenomenon discovered that these broken antlers contained very low levels of the mineral Manganese. Now the reason for the low levels of the mineral was due to environmental factors, but its effect on the antlers is what intrigued scientists.

New research from a Spanish university is showing  similarities between deer antlers and human bones. Therefore the role of Manganese in the human body may be much more important than previously understood. If you ask someone what Manganese is  many people will be clueless, others will recognize it is an element on the periodic table and few will know that it is a mineral that plays an important role in your body’s physiology.

When you talk about conservative osteoporosis treatment, Calcium and Vitamin D are the important supplements available to the patient. What the new research shows is that lowered or depleted levels in the human body may prevent Calcium from being absorbed by the bones causing weakened bone structure.

The impact of this research could be monumental. What the initial research is saying is that no matter how much Vitamin D and Calcium you are taking in your diet or supplementally; if your level of Manganese is low it will not be utilized. What’s more is the low levels of Manganese could also be implicated in neurodegenerative conditions like Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s and ALS.

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