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My Bone Density Increased By 5.1%

By on May 15, 2014 in Osteoporosis |

Natural Osteoporosis Treatment vs. Medication

Looking for an osteoporosis treatment that works can be a frustrating task. There are multiple medications available, but more and more research is showing that the side effects of osteoporosis medications most likely outweigh the benefits.

Any type of workout or activity is great for you, both physically and mentally, but it is not likely to increase your bone density beyond young adulthood, and is generally not an effective osteoporosis treatment once you are at risk.

BStrong4Life is a system that combines equipment with specific protocols to combat osteoporosis by naturally increasing bone density.

It’s a once a week program that takes less than 20 minutes and can be done in your street clothes.

Read Rosemary Bell’s Review of BStrong4Life

“I began the BStrong4Life System in March 2013, after reading an article in a local woman’s magazine. At the time I was 65 years old and had been diagnosed with osteoporosis of the spine after a routine baseline Dexa-scan.

I met with Dr. Perry Cammisa to understand how his program might benefit my health and well being.

Between March, 2013 and April, 2014 my spine’s density has improved 5.1%.

I no longer have a spine that is osteoporotic and I am thrilled. To be able to improve that much by simply committing to a once a week program is remarkable.

After reading the literature about the medications that treat osteoporosis I decided to go down a different street, and I am so very grateful to have this opportunity to work with a professional, caring staff, whose cutting edge treatment is healing in a way I could never have imagined.”


Rosemary Bell

Thank You Rosemary For Sharing Your Story!

As a 2017 update, Rosemary continues to do the BStrong4Life System and continues to maintain her bone density, naturally.

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