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What are the Symptoms of Osteoporosis?

How to Recognize Symptoms of Osteoporosis If I have Osteoporosis, wouldn’t I know it? No, not usually. Osteoporosis is often called “the silent disease” because it progresses slowly over time, without symptoms. Patients often don’t realize they have osteoporosis or are even at risk until they suffer a fracture – most commonly of the hip, spine or wrist

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What’s the Upside of Aging?

Can someone please tell me the upside of aging? As the typical individual ages they become more sedentary, less energetic and increasingly plagued by health issues. These are supposed to be the years of your life that you are able to enjoy after working your entire career in your chosen profession. Unfortunately, most of the

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What’s in a Squat?

Bending and picking up an object incorrectly is one of the most common ways to severely injure a lumbar disc. Luckily, most people recover from these injuries but many are left with chronic pain and in others this injury is to be the first which cascades into a series of progressive problems. It should be

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Use Your Muscles!

I came across an article on www.bettermovement.org’s blog and immediately recognized the relevance for my patients. The article focused on a research study about the effect of exercise on muscle tissue in recreational Master’s Athletes; a competition class for men and women aged 35 years and older. The photo on the right is an MRI

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Posture Reflects Performance

Do you know why after after a long day of sitting your body feels tired and stiff even though you really haven’t done all that much? It is because sitting down for an extended period of time with poor posture inactivates certain muscles in your body and causes others to become overworked in order to

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