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Neuromechanical Innovations Adjusting Instrument

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Adjusting Instrument and Functional Rehab Seminar In Cooperation with Neuromechanical Innovations, developers of the Impulse Adjusting Instrument, Dr. Perry Cammisa and Dr. Scott Huen will present Dynamic Functional Rehabilitation Training Seminars. Read More About Dynamic Functional Rehab Dr. Cammisa, Structure governs function. If we can improve the structure, we can improve the function. One in Five People Suffer From Chronic Back Pain Chronic back...

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Building Bone Tissue for Children

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Bone building exercise for children is much more critical that parents realize and may prevent osteoporosis as they age. Most parents do a lot of things to ensure the health of their child. From better eating habits, vitamin supplements, discouraging drinking, smoking and drugs – the list of what parents do for their children seems endless at times. Having more bone tissue as a young adult is helpful in staving off osteoporosis as we age. But, truth be told, we’ve never met a young adult who’s worried about osteoporosis! We...

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Naperville T.V. Interview with Dr. Perry Cammisa

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Pictures of our upcoming interview on Naperville Community T.V. in our office at Ultimate ChiroCare. The topic was how our chiropractic office and our treatment differs from other Naperville chiropractors. It was a lot of fun, the film crew was great to taking viagra work with and we really enjoyed having them visit our facility. We anticipate the segment to air in June, 2014 and we’ll keep everyone updated when we get confirmation of the actual date.  

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