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Chiropractic Care Alternative to Opioids

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Government officials are finally speaking up about the growing epidemic of opioid use. Opioid abuse is more common than people realize. We commonly see patients bring a typed up list of their medications and they’re still in pain. Utilizing non-pharmacological treatments first, such as chiropractic care as an alternative to opioids, can have a marked effect on this growing epidemic. Opioids help with pain: at first. They’re easy and most of us just want a quick fix. However they do nothing but mask pain signals that the body is...

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Stem Cell Therapy For Degenerative Discs

Posted by on 10:07 am in Back Pain Causes, Diagnonsis and Treatment, Stem Cell Therapy | Comments Off on Stem Cell Therapy For Degenerative Discs

An emerging treatment for back pain is using Stem Cell Therapy for degenerative discs, bulging discs, and herniated discs. This is a same day treatment option that has little to no downtime. The procedure is performed in our dedicated stem cell facility by Dr. Nick Angelopoulos. Dr. Angelopoulos has 25 years of experience with spinal injections. Meet Our Doctors Stem cell treatments takes advantage of the body’s ability to repair itself. Ai??At Ultimate Medical Group our cell based therapies treat orthopedic joints and injuries,...

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10 Questions to Ask Your Stem Cell Therapy Clinic

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If you’ve heard about the potential benefits of Stem Cell Therapy, and are considering this treatment option, here is a list of questions you should ask a Stem Cell Therapy Clinic when doing your research. If you can answer “Yes” to all of these questions, then you should feel confident that you are going to have the best chance of success from your treatment. 1. Will the facility show you their location, labs and procedure rooms? 2. Is the physician board-certified, and experienced in a specialty that is specifically...

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